A College Student's Guide to the Best Coffee Study Spots in Santa Barbara


As COVID-19's quarantine policies have caused me to be cooped up in my parents household back in Murrieta, I can't help but reminisce on some of my favorite memories from living in Santa Barbara. As weird as it may sound, SB's artisanal, independent coffee shops are something I truly miss, especially when I'm only able to work at my childhood bedroom desk for the next couple months. I thought I'd indulge in my fond cafe memories and share my experiences from these coffee shop treasures over the past four years.

Caje (Isla Vista)

Of course, I had to begin with the tried and true UCSB favorite, Caje. With the original location in Isla Vista and the new downtown location off of Haley St., Caje's quality beverages, fresh acai bowls, and popular bagel sandwiches draw in hundreds of patrons daily. Here's some highlights of why Caje stays winning:

Visit Caje's website here!

Old Town Coffee

A short five-minute drive off of campus, Old Town Coffee in Goleta is a hidden jewel for students in search of awesome study spots. Here's why:

Visit Old Town Coffee's website here!

Handlebar Coffee Roasters

One of the most aesthetic cafes around, Handlebar Coffee Roasters off of De La Vina is sure a crowd pleaser. If you're down to take a drive over the weekend, stop off at this coffee shop, have a study session, and maybe snap a few fun pics for Instagram.

Visit Handlebar's website here!

Caje (Haley St.)

Had to include Caje's newest and trendiest location off of Haley. This new coffee shop is completely different from any cafe you can find in Santa Barbara, and I am so in love with it. Let me fill you in:

Visit Caje's website here!